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A Face to the Name

If you have never done business with Quality Grain Services, or if you just aren't sure who this "Jeff" guys is, here's a picture for you to match the name with!

Jeff Klaustermeier- Owner of Quality Grain Services

"I have been involved with farming and agriculture for all of my life! I grew up on a dairy farm and when my father retired I took over the family business. We remained a dairy business until 2004, and then decided to sell our dairy cows and begin the transformation into a full-on grain business. (We had started our grain operation in 1998.) When we began the grain business, our facilities began with only a small grain dryer and a few bins to store up to 50,000 bushels of grain. Since then, we've upgraded to a much larger dryer and have more than a dozen storage bins- with room to store a million bushels of grain!"